The Alexander Technique wiki provides a collaborative platform for informations about the Alexander Technique. Although each AT teacher has an idiosyncratic teaching style, which differ significantly on first sight, all of them teach the work, and no matter how diverse it may look, it remains the same thing.

This diversity differs significantly from most educational approaches, using a strict curriculum and conveying lots of 3rd person perspective data collections, many of them far outdated. Choosing different perspectives hardly ever belongs to the curriculum, even having a distinct individual perspective can cause trouble.

The Alexander Technique deals a lot with the unspeakable, exploring realms of consciousness for which hardly any lucid language exists. This explains the variety of teaching approaches and communicated concepts. Consciousness remains a white spot on the map of science, as you need to explore the territory of consciousness yourself to find out how it works.

The positive side effects of doing the work can and have been proven with scientific research. Philosophers like David Chalmers work on concepts for consciousness, scientist research the basis for empathy and emotion. A collection of interconnected nervous systems explore the capabilities of nervous systems, and a picture emerges that looks like a strange science fiction movie.

The Alexander Technique wiki can help to show many facets of this evolutionary work, and bridge the Alexander World with the rest of society. Feel free to participate and contribute, the Getting Started section will get you started.

Although FM Alexander managed to teach himself, learning the Alexander Technique works better and faster with the help of a teacher. This wiki can not replace a real life teacher, yet it might deepen the understanding of AT. As a teacher, you can leave your profile on your user page, to find help people interested in the technique finding you, as a student you can try to clarify or discuss your ideas. Everyone is welcome to contribute, yet in wikipedia fashion everything is open for discussion.

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